True Romance Fun Facts

Genesis: True Romance began as a 50 page script by Roger Avary. It was originally called Open Road. He had trouble finishing it and asked his Video Archives Clerk, Quentin Tarantino, to take a look. After several weeks, Quentin handed him 500 pages of a script that would become True Romance. Avary later described Tarantino’s work as “The bible of pop culture.”

Direction: Tarantino offered two scripts to director Tony Scott. One of which was Reservoir Dogs, the other, True Romance. After reading through True Romance on a plane, Scott got excited. He ended up loving both scripts and requested to direct them both, but Tarantino would only allow one. Scott chose True Romance.

Cast: Christopher Walken made up the line “You’re a cantaloupe” in response to Dennis Hopper’s adlib “You’re part eggplant.”

Dennis Hopper made sure the gun being used to “kill him” was thoroughly tested on set. Scott insisted that the gun was safe, but Hopper persisted. To prove himself, Scott had the gun fired at himself. But the bullets injured him, causing him to bleed. As a result, he made the necessary changes to ensure that Hopper remained safe.

Gary Oldman’s favorite two characters of his career are Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK and Drexl Spivey in True Romance.

Alabama Worley was originally intended to be played by Drew Barrymore.

Brad Pitt found the Jamaican hat he wore as his Floyd character at Venice Beach. He washed it at home and built it into his wardrobe.

In hopes of showcasing the darker side of Clarence Worley, Tony Scott asked Christian Slater to watch Taxi Driver.

Changes: In the original script, Natural Born Killers & True Romance were one film. However, the movie would’ve been too long so it was cut into two films. In Natural Born Killers, when Mickey & Mallory escape prison they go after a Hollywood director that was making a film about them. The film he was making was True Romance.

Revelations: In Tarantino’s script, Clarence dies. But Scott felt like the movie deserved a happier ending.

Last April, Vogue showcased new fashion designs inspired by True Romance. Check it out here.

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